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Large Events and Wedding Wines

Take some of the stress out of your big day by allowing us to help organise your wines and spirits.  Give us an idea of what you like and your budget and we will deliver drinks to suit the occasion.


Our process is quite simple:

Send us an email with as much of the known information, as below, and we'll get back to you with first recommendations, where possible we'll arrange tastings and will amend wine offerings to suit your preferences.  Once wines have been selected, we can then arrange for delivery direct to the venue of your choosing.


Information we will ask for:

What style of wines you would like for your wedding/event - as general as red, white, rose, fizz; as detailed as particular favourite varieties: Merlot, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio etc; or if you have specific wines (ie. d'Arenburg Dead Arm Shiraz) that you would like, the more specific the better.

Estimated budget (per bottle or total) - With great wines retailing from about £6 per bottle, you don't need to spend huge amounts for exceptional wines (though you can if you like!).  We will always respect your budget and where absolutely possible, will not push for an overspend.

Estimated number of bottles required - We can help calculate this based on expected attendence numbers.


What we will do for you:

Taking the information you have provided us, we will search for and draw up a shortlist of our recommended potential wines - to suit your preferences and budget - which we shall then discuss with you.

It may be possible for us to arrange a tasting of suggested wines - this is useful in that you may choose from a shortlist of wines, and also so that you know you have peace of mind with your ultimate selection.

We can then arrange for delivery of the wines direct to a venue of your choosing.


At Fyne Wines, we are able to offer very competitive pricing versus high-street wine merchants.

This is because we no longer operate from a retail unit and therefore do not hold reserves of wine in stock.  As we are not incurring overhead expenses between wine sales, we are able to pass on these operational savings to customers.


If this sounds of interest to you, then why not take the first step and send us a n0-obligation email now?



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