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Central Loire Valley Field-trip July 2015
Star Wines


Red:  Clement et Florian Berthier “Les Croix Renaud Pinot Noir” -  BIG black-cherry pipe tobacco, lots of tobacco leaf, salty liquorice, PX-stewed raisins.  Awesome wine!  Quite rustic nature.  Brambles and burnt nutmeg.

White:  Dom. De la Villadierre “Sauvignon Blanc 2014” - Lychee aromas, yellow plums and sweet lemon; hint of flint.  Very fruity, med acidity, very drinkable, soft prickle.  Tasty!

Rose:  Dom. De la Villadierre “Pinot Noir Rose 2014” - Fresh strawberry aroma.  Rose petal floral notes, more crisp strawberry.  Balanced acidity and spice.


Red:  Emmanuel Couet “Pinot Noir - Gamay 2014” (60% Pinot Noir, 40% Gamay) - Highly aromatic, rich blood orange.  Chicory stewed raspberries on palate.  Sweet fragrant smokiness on finish.

White:  Clement et Florian Berthier “Silex Sauvignon Blanc 2013” - Stone fruit, dried apricots and tinned peaches yet dry and minerally.


Red:  Dom. l’Ermitage “Pinot Noir 2014” (unoaked) - Soft nose, fresh raspberry.  Deep colour.  M+ tannins.  Wholegrain bread, forest fruits, cracked black pepper, m- acidity.  Long, fruity finish.

White:  Dom. l’Ermitage “Sauvignon Blanc 2014” - Biscuity, floral aromas, rich almond croissant.  Crisp, m- acidity.  Juicy pear and white floral blossom, acacia blossom.  Apple juice finish.

Rose:  Dom. Gilbon “Pinot Noir Rosé 2014” - Light pink colour with orange hues.  Instant fruitiness - papaya, watermelon and icing sugar aromas.  Fullness of flavours continues on palate.  Yum!


White:  Ch. Favray “Sauvignon Blanc 2014” - Grassy nettle aromas.  Solid mineral foundation with honeydew melon fruitiness, racing citrus and more green herbs on finish.  High acidity yet balanced.


Oddball Wine of the Trip:

White:  Chotard “Les Cris Sauvignon Blanc 1995” (100% Limestone soil, 500L Acacia barrel aged) - Key lime and kiwifruit aromas, with honeysuckle.  Creamy yet m+ acidity.  Tropical fruit flavours, pineapple particularly, also nectarine.  VERY tasty!


Tasting notes are the property of Stuart Campbell of Fyne Wines and may not be copied without express prior written permission.

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